Company Overview

Partner with VoltDelta to deliver exceptional customer service with our virtual contact center solution. This means

VoltDelta’s cloud provides you with cost savings, operational efficiencies and business agility.

VoltDelta’s Story

What differentiates VoltDelta is our approach – We consider delivering exceptional service as an art and a science. 35 years of contact center and IVR experience contribute to exceptional customer care performance.

The Science of the Technology Platform

The science of customer experience begins with a solid platform with proof of scalability, reliability and security.

“We selected VoltDelta over many others we considered because they can provide the infrastructure stability and massive scalability we need to support our customers,”
Jenn Cordeiro, Director of Operations at AccountNow.

The Art of the Customer Interaction

The art of delivering exceptional customer experience is based upon proactively anticipating customer needs, providing personalized engagement and responding to inquiries quickly and efficiently.

VoltDelta has the best people in the market to help you design, implement and support these customer satisfaction and loyalty initiatives.

“VoltDelta’s resources for VUI design, speech science, testing, and decades of experience with large grammar applications position it well among customers seeking IVR capabilities.”

Brendan Read, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst


DeltaDialog – Engaging speech recognition and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) answers every call


VoltDelta is part of ZephyrTel with an international presence in over 90 countries and more than 25 years of success. The VoltDelta cloud contact center platform springs from decades of supporting the rigorous requirements of Directory Assistance for telecommunication carriers throughout the world. Data centers in North America, the U.K, and Germany cost-effectively support multinational organizations.

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