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Contact Center Outsource Providers

If You Are an Outsourcer
Supporting multiple customers requires the agility to anticipate and react to the specific requirements of each or your customers.   For example, one customer may require that you integrate with their CRM system to deliver information from their systems to your agents.   Another may want you to create customized reporting for them.   In all cases an outsourcer must continually work to retain and grow services provided to their customers while managing costs.

VoltDelta Content OnDemand Solutions are an ideal resource for contact center outsourcers due to the flexibility in providing voice and messaging from a single platform, modularity to selectively deploy automated customer care applications, and efficiency of a hosted model. Application examples include:

If You Work with Multiple Outsourcers
Multisourcing adds vendor diversity to an outsourcing strategy. If you are multisourcing, you are similar to a “general contractor” that manages a group of diverse vendors who are providing agents to answer your calls and messages.   The benefits of geographic/language coverage, reduced risk of single vendor reliance, and price negotiation leverage need to be balanced against the challenges of incompatible systems management, difficulty in obtaining reports by each vendor and obligations to maintain a specified traffic volume to each vendor.

DeltaACD cloud contact center solution is tuned for supporting multiple outsourced vendors for agents. Unlike most other solutions, DeltaACD is able to unify a multisourced cloud contact center environment, yet modularly manage multiple vendors for call/message routing and reporting.   Examples include:

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