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Customer care is critically important for financial institutions and insurance companies to retain customers who expect a long term relationship. Managers must balance the need to quickly respond to callers against shrinking budgets forced by challenging economic conditions.

VoltDelta’s virtual contact center and voice self service IVR on demand solutions allow managers to proactively enhance customer care – even in the face of budget cuts or staff reductions. It provides the flexibility to centrally manage agents that are located anywhere in the world. Voice self service allows customers to access account information, make a transaction, or update an account at any time. Tight integration of the voice self-service and agent channels provide agents with intelligence upon a transfer to more efficiently answer questions.

The DeltaACD platform has a track record that spans decades of proven performance when it comes to scaling reliability – even during a spike in call volume. It has also achieved some of the most stringent security compliance certifications including Service Level Provider 1 DSS-PCI in North America and ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 in Europe.

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