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DeltaACD Prepaid solutions allows organizations to differentiate customer care by responding to balance inquiries, deposits and other actions via multiple communication channels with on demand efficiency. VoltDelta’s remarkable suite of voice self-service IVR, virtual agent infrastructure and messaging enable prepaid credit card customers to quickly and easily accomplish tasks via their communication channel of choice with hosted value for the provider.

VoltDelta’s proven platform is ideally suited for the fluctuating volume of prepaid card services requests from customers. DeltaACD Prepaid solutions effectively blends interactive voice recognition application dialogs with a virtual agent infrastructure to improve self-service rates while delivering a richer customer experience for beginning month peaks along with cost savings for reduced mid-month volume. Benefits include:

Delivering Card Services with Customers’ Channel of Choice

Data sharing between channels with knowledge of the customer history and preferences works to:

Improving Self-Service Automation Rates

Prepaid providers have achieved a self-service completion rate of over 90% with DeltaACD Prepaid solutions’ speech recognition or DTMF applications. DeltaACD Prepaid Solutions inbound voice self service delivers 24×7 access to customers performing routine account tasks, which saves agents for more complex interactions.

Providing Agents Anywhere Support

VoltDelta’s robust virtual contact center service optimizes call management and distribution for remote contact centers and home agents. Web-based agent desktop controls use standard browser technology which reduces training requirements.

Building Loyalty with Proactive Reach

Boost activation rates and provide loyalty building features with proactive outbound voice automation or SMS text message contact. Outbound contact can be converted to inbound automation or best agent assistance.

Offering Service on a Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

VoltDelta’s unique hosted IP and TDM infrastructure combines proven scalability, carrier independence and multi-channel contact, to deliver a unique level of flexibility and efficiency. The platform supports more than 1 billion calls and SMS messages per year.

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