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Contact Center Home Agent Requirements

Advances in technology make remote agents an increasingly viable option for many organizations that want to hire from an expanded pool of talent while reducing costs. According to a Forrester report entitled “Are Home Agents Right For Your Contact Center? The Challenges And Benefits Of Supporting Work-At-Home Agents,” there are several positive benefits for adding home workers which include:

These benefits are only possible with virtual call center systems that provide remote agents with a rich telephony and desktop environment utilizing standard web-based services. Systems with these characteristics are easy to deploy and use, and are coupled with a management infrastructure that enables remote supervisory control.

Home Agents Solutions

DeltaACD provides a complete cloud contact center on demand solution with a multi-channel web-based agent desktop environment. It includes robust supervisory controls for agent assistance and training support which increases productivity.

Home or remote agents only need access to the Internet and a computer to deliver support. The click once deployment makes it easy to get them up and running quickly.

Contact Center supervisors don’t need to be physically present to effectively manage their agents. They can listen in on calls, observe an agent’s screen and even take over the customer interaction if needed.

DeltaACD runs on the reliable cloud contact center TDM and IP platform which answers over 1 billion calls and SMS messages per year. VoltDelta’s international hosting facilities allow agents to be located anywhere in the world.

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