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On Demand Solutions – System Scalability and Reliability

It is often a challenge to determine if vendors’ statements made in their literature are based on fact or an exaggeration of the truth. Look beyond the headlines to determine what is fact and what is fiction when considering reliability and scalability for on demand contact center services and voice self-service IVR. For example, a vendor may claim 99.99% uptime reliability, but make no reference to what call volume that statistic may be associated with. It is important to look beyond claims to find out what the total volume of traffic this reliability claim is actually based on. After all, can your organization afford contact center or IVR outages?

VoltDelta’s On Demand solutions provide some impressive facts about its system scalability and reliability:

Capacity & Confidence Proof Points

VoltDelta’s ability to handle high call volume springs from its heritage as a directory service provider to Telcos worldwide for over 35 years ago. The stringent reliability and scalability requirements that Telcos demand is now the foundation of our enterprise multichannel cloud contact center platform. The DeltaACD Contact Center OnDemand platform is recognized by our customers and analysts as scalable and reliable as well.

Testing & Expertise Proof Points
Most on demand contact center vendors cannot test their newly developed applications against real world call volumes prior to deployment. Do you want to take a chance on your organization’s business continuity is based on extrapolated test results from a hosted vendor?

VoltDelta’s dedicated testing facility with DMS100 carrier switches is used solely for testing high call volume. This facility was designed to handle the rigors of Telco environments, now extended to the enterprise. VoltDelta brings the same level of testing and expertise to a customer’s mission critical support infrastructure.

Perhaps more notable is the customer care confidence derived from 99.99% reliability associated with this massive call volume. Beyond rigorous processes and redundancy, VoltDelta’s dedicated carrier switches enable high call volume testing to ensure performance vs. relying on extrapolating results.

Dropped calls and intermittent outages are plaguing customer care organizations when they experience the reality that delivering virtual contact center and IVR services may not match the expectations of proposal responses from other vendors, especially when call center traffic spikes.

The result of contact center or IVR outages can have dire consequences to organizations in lost revenue, bad publicity and erosion of customer confidence.

Innovation Proof Points
Many on demand vendors rely on third party partnerships for key components of their contact center and IVR solution. Integrating disparate products and lack of control over enhancements and problem resolution can lead to service disruptions.

VoltDelta provides innovative software and systems developed over 35 years of experience with unpredictable and massive call volumes. VoltDelta has developed the key core components of a contact center within the DeltaACD Contact OnDemand TDM and IP infrastructure including:

Technical Expertise Proof Points
VoltDelta network experts, systems engineers, speech scientists and VUI designers are a group of professionals that apply years of experience and skill to ensure high call performance with exceptional reliability.

Quality Standards Proof Points
ISO9001 compliance of VoltDelta’s quality management systems contributes to confidence in system performance to answer every call.

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