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CMO and Marketing Management

Loyalty, Brand & Measurement Challenges
Marketing must capture “voice of the customer” evidence, promote the brand and link contact center metrics with campaigns. The challenge is with capturing the voice of the customer and translating that into actionable programs that build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

VoltDelta’s DeltaACD Contact OnDemand offers a wide range of solutions that help marketing departments meet these requirements and more.

Capture the Voice of the Customer
Develop loyalty programs and learn more about how your brand is perceived directly from customers with VoltDelta’s Voice of the Customer call plus agent screen recording. As part of the VoltDelta hosting infrastructure, call plus screen recording provides an easy to use and cost effective method for capturing what the callers says AND how they say it.

Brand Promotion Campaigns

VoltDelta applies data intelligence to its inbound IVR automated system so that organizations can anticipate a caller’s needs and provide benefits. For example, the integration with CRM solutions or other databases might identify that a caller is a prime candidate for a new product or service which will trigger the automated voice system to launch a a special offer dialog.

Customer Experience Metrics
Segment customers and learn which are likely to become a repeat, highly loyal and profitable buyers with post-call survey feedback. Options include voice recognition capture and interactive automated dialogs to capture feedback without agent influence.

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