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Sales is directly impacted by what transpires in the contact center. Customer interactions with the contact center are the moment of truth where loyalty is created or evaporates. According to American Express research, seventy percent of Americans are willing to spend an average of thirteen percent more with companies they believe provide great customer service. Sales can only work to enhance customer loyalty initiatives with the proper support tools and technology.

On Demand Solution

Building Customer Satisfaction
Capturing customer preferences to trigger a personalized interaction based on this information delivers great customer satisfaction. VoltDelta’s on demand solution supports voice automated or agent assisted personalization by persistently capturing last action derived from a repeat caller. Personalization may also be achieved via access into a local database for detail with resulting action delivered within or across customer care channels.

For example, a customer’s preference for a SMS text message following a conversation with an agent is automatically delivered. Knowledge of a customer’s preferences and a platform that delivers them allows sales to:

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