Why should I consider VoltDelta?

How did VoltDelta develop their Billion call infrastructure?

VoltDelta serves as the market leader for Directory Assistance (DA) in North America. This infrastructure was designed to answer calls with operators as well as with voice recognition. It also answers and transfers calls to other DA providers, adding to a massive call volume. This hosted resource and related services are now available for customer care and other applications in enterprises globally.

What are the platform details?
The DeltaACD Contact OnDemand platform is one of the most reliable hosted telephony infrastructures in existence when call volumes in excess of 1 billion are considered. Key platform components include:

Why should an enterprise consider DeltaACD          
Better Customer Care

Superior Management Controls

Improve Agent Efficiency and Job Satisfaction

Why should an enterprise consider Delta Dialog IVR?

Does VoltDelta require telephony support with specific carriers?

No. VoltDelta’s TDM and VoIP infrastructure is established with complete flexibility for choice of carrier. This is vastly different from many competitors in this space who limit choice of carrier.

Why is VoltDelta’s reliability different?
Systems, processes and people must be optimized to the highest levels to ensure reliability for call volumes exceeding more than 1 billion annually in North America! VoltDelta’s geographically redundant networking and telephony infrastructure supports this level of multi-channel traffic with decades of performance proof. Uptime and reliability metrics based upon actually experienced call volume vs. extrapolated expectations or significantly less traffic as frequently cited by others means confidence for current deployments as well as for future growth.

Is VoltDelta’s test and evaluation process different?
Yes. VoltDelta maintains (2) DMS-100 carrier switches that enable testing with capacity that others must extrapolate with models. Two carrier switches within VoltDelta facilities allow source to destination call volume to ramp up in an environment that duplicates a carrier network for steady to spike conditions almost identically. As a result, VoltDelta is able to ensure performance under stress through actual call volume testing.

Does VoltDelta have experience with personalized customer care?
Yes. VoltDelta has deployed voice recognition applications that remember the last action by a caller to reduce question asked and average handle time. VoltDelta VUI designers also have experience in deploying applications that deliver advertising based on caller profiles. DeltaACD has the capability to intelligently direct calls based on caller profiles.

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