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We invite you to download the following research reports written by leading industry experts. These informative reports on contact center trends and technology are based on survey results, interviews and industry analyst insights.

ContactBabel’s US Decision-Makers’ Guide 2015

A major annual report published by ContactBabel studying the performance, operations, technology, and HR aspects of US contact center operations.

The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

ContactBabel, a leading industry analyst, published a comprehensive guide on trends, technology and vendors that offer a cloud-based contact center solution.

The Inner Circle Guide to PCI Security

PCI DSS provides guidance to merchants as well as payment card processors around how to process, store and transmit payment card information. In this ContactBabel report, learn how PCI compliance promotes best practices in information security.

ACD vs. CRM: How to Win the Battle

DMG Consulting clarifies why companies need both ACD and CRM applications if they want to deliver a consistently world-class service experience.

Inner Circle Guide to Self Service

ContactBabel, a leading analyst of the contact center industry, published a comprehensive 99 page report that covers all aspects of self-service channels including the web, IVR, email, chat, social and mobile channels.

DMG Consulting Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report Reprint

Learn about industry trends and the projected forecast for the cloud contact center market. This report also identifies the benefits of moving to a cloud contact center solution.

Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Assessment Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This report includes best practices for company’s looking to implement or upgrade this IVR technology in their contact center.

How-To Guide: Selecting the Right Cloud Contact Center Solution

This white paper explores why cloud-based technology is essential for a growing contact center and provides a practical guide to aid in identifying the best vendor to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Inner Circle Guide To Multichannel Customer Contact

This report looks at customers’ and businesses’ attitudes toward usage of multichannel interactions, and identifies the issues and potential pitfalls that businesses will face when trying to improve the customer communications across channels.

Executive Report on Call Center Technology: Adoption, Reliability and Usability

This latest report from CMIQ Research reveals key trends in contact center technology – from American Express, Best Buy, MetLife and many others.

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