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Exceptional Technical Support
VoltDelta Entourage support for virtual contact center and IVR applications offers unique value by delivering uptime confidence with proactive analysis to ensure exceptional customer care at any call volume. A staff of experienced engineers working with redundant Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and an on demand solutions infrastructure fortify this industry leading group.

A team approach with deep experience across key technical disciplines means you will not have to track down a support contact if an issue requiring immediate assistance arises. Proactive analysis and communication differentiate VoltDelta’s support from other cloud contact center and IVR vendors who struggle with limited resources and development staff forced to double as support contacts.

Triple Play Expertise
VoltDelta Support shifts the standard support model toward a coordinated approach between three critical technical elements of most virtual contact centers; Application Support, Telephony & Networking, and IVR optimization. Each support sector is well staffed with knowledgeable engineers who are cross trained to ensure support response is effective.


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