Virtual Contact Center

Virtual contact centers provide the flexibility a business needs to quickly adapt to a changing competitive environment. Organizations have the option to distribute contact center systems anywhere in the world, add home agents, or increase the call volume or agent seats as needed in a pay-per-use subscription model.


The flexibility to centrally manage agents located literally anywhere in the world that has an IP or telephony service without capital investment enables:

DeltaACD is a virtual contact center service that steps beyond the competition to provide exceptional customer care via:

“Since deploying the VoltDelta solutions, Rx Outreach’s customer satisfaction scores have jumped five points, from 88 percent to 93 percent. Some customers have even provided unsolicited donations to assist Rx Outreach with future endeavors. Rx Outreach is really about helping people. VoltDelta helps us keep them happy too,” Jeff Clark, CIO, Rx Outreach

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