Speech Self Service IVR Overview

Today’s consumer expects around the clock access and support. For any contact center that serves these customers, providing 24 hour/7 days a week services can be costly. More organizations are therefore realizing the benefits of provisioning IVR/ voice self service applications using automated speech recognition as well as SMS-based services.


These services along with multi-channel support are having a positive impact on retention efforts and loyalty metrics while reducing costs via engaging automated dialogs.

DeltaDialog IVR and speech self-service solution combine innovative speech science and experienced Voice User Interface (VUI) design for effective self-service that encourages use. It includes a wide range of pre-built, speech- and SMS-based framework applications, which may be rapidly customized to meet each customer’s specific requirements for call flow, dialogue design and integration with existing call centers and back-end customer information systems.

IVR Features

Multichannel Contact Center Features

VoltDelta integrates its voice self-service solution within the DeltaACD Contact OnDemand platform to deliver a cohesive multichannel strategy. This allows:

VUI & Speech Expertise

VoltDelta’s team of Voice User Interface Designers and Speech Scientists have gained invaluable experience from call volumes now exceeding 1 billion per year. Innovative VoltDelta technology combined with design that has included complex IVR dialogs, advertising injection and large grammar support offers a unique resource of skills for any speech application.

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