Voice Self Service IVR

Automated Inbound Response

Automated inbound IVR and speech recognition offers many benefits to organizations that are focused on improving customer care by:


DeltaDialog automated inbound voice self-service solution improves the caller experience with personalization features, speech accuracy and tools and expertise to optimize the call flow.

Leveraging Data to Improve the Caller Experience

By leveraging historical data in the automated system, DeltaDialog helps anticipate a customer’s needs and develop smarter selling and support strategies such as improving call routing and identifying cross sell or upsell opportunities. It allows organizations to employ dynamic IVR menus, presenting information based on what is known about the customer.

Make Agents More Efficient

Automating even a small percentage of calls can lead to significant cost savings as well as freeing up your valuable agents to handle more complex and productive calls. Callers can choose to speak with an agent at any time. Data and/or knowledge of the exit point in the IVR prior to transfer can be sent to an agent to eliminate repeating a question.

Reduce Queue Times with Interactive Dialogs

Automated call routing allows you to immediately answer every call, eliminating the need to wait for an agent. Lengthy DTMF menus are replaced by more efficient voice prompts for speech recognition input. VoltDelta’s patent-pending speech recognition technology delivers superior accuracy especially for like sounding utterances within large grammars for a better caller experience. No longer is “press or say 1” required because more interactive and engaging IVR dialogs are possible for engaging effectiveness and efficiency.

Offer 24×7 access to services and information

Staffing for 24×7 services with agents isn’t always practical. Speech self-service can offer an effective alternative between no service and agent assistance. Speech-based systems that provide customers with order status, account information, stock levels and other frequently requested services can go a long way to satisfying customers while reducing call load.

Customer Satisfaction Verification

Reporting identifies call completion rates.  Voice of the Customer call recording with graphical search and selective playback provide examples of engagement, tone and success.

Rapidly introduce services with pre-built speech applications

VoltDelta offers a range of pre-built, speech and SMS based framework applications which can be rapidly customized to meet each customer’s specific requirements for call flow, dialogue design and integration with existing call centers and back-end customer information systems.

Host existing VoiceXML speech applications

Many organizations may have existing speech applications that they need hosting by a leading cloud based supplier such as VoltDelta. Services required may vary but usually include the hosting of the VoiceXML application, access to speech resources such as ASR, TTS as well as call routing and testing.

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