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Dropped calls and intermittent outages are plaguing customer care organizations as they realize that the reality of delivering virtual contact center and IVR services does not match the expectations of proposal responses from other vendors, especially when call center traffic spikes.

VoltDelta’s scalability and reliability proven over decades of high volume service are designed to excel when other solutions struggle to maintain service. VoltDelta’s track record includes proof points such as:

This scale and experience is applied to the enterprise contact center for unique confidence. VoltDelta’s proven success is delivered through:

Innovative call center systems and software developed over many years of experience with unpredictable and massive call volumes. VoltDelta created a call distribution and management architecture, call and agent screen recording technology and speech recognition techniques enhancing standard speech recognition engine performance to improve caller satisfaction as well as deliver bottom line efficiency. These core contact center components converge within the DeltaACD infrastructure

VoltDelta network experts, systems engineers, speech scientists and Voice User Interface (VUI) designers are a group of professionals that apply years of experience and skill to ensure billion call performance with exceptional reliability.

Quality Standards
ISO 9001 and 27001 certification of VoltDelta’s quality management systems is an example, contributing to system security and performance to answer billions of calls.

Testing Call Center Resources
VoltDelta’s test and evaluation resources are unique, due in large part to the presence of (2) Nortel DMS-100 Service Switching Points (SSP) dedicated to testing.

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